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I believe that footwork is the foundation for solid technique. I emphasize constant movement and footwork. I primarily teach the USPTA modern coaching technique to my students. The open stance groundstrokes and semi-western grip will be introduced to all players when they are ready, although closed stance Forehands and Backhands will be the first thing you'll learn how to implement.  I believe that tennis classes should be fun at all levels and teaching game-based drills enhances the enjoyment of the game. I also focus on shot selection and tactical considerations with more advanced players. I provide actionable feedback during and after every training session. 

I believe the most important facet of learning anything new is having a Teacher who understands that the roots of the given subject begins at the seed. My Father began teaching me the game of Tennis at the age of 3, and it was only after teaching Tennis years later that I began to realize how integral the foundational basics of Tennis, or anything else I set a goal on learning, are. Such is my Philosophy and the reason why I have specialized in those looking to play Tennis for the first time. 

Tennis Court Location Sites (with Flexibility)- 

Studio City Recreation Center

Sherman Oaks Recreation Center

Encino Park

Northridge Recreation Center



All Ages / All Playing Levels Welcome


My philosophy is that one should always start at the beginning, regardless of what you're wanting to learn. Hence, if you're a beginner, we will begin the initial lesson as if you know nothing about the game of Tennis. If you're an intermediate player, I will comply with any requests you may have in regards to a part of your game you wish to improve on. If you played in College at an Open Level or if you're an advanced player and are hoping to improve on game strategy for example, I can help as well.


Introductory Tennis Lesson - $60

1 hour Private Lesson - $80

        Packages Also Available

5 One Hour Private Lessons - $375

10 One Hour Private Lessons - $700


Options for these Semi-Private lessons vary according to what you're wanting to get out of the 1 hour long lesson.  If you're looking for more of a cardio workout, the lesson will consist of a lot of movement and will be less focused on technique. A semi-private tennis lesson allows you to receive personal instruction with another person (friend, partner, neighbor) on the court at the same time. If you have a friend who you want to take a lesson with we offer a semi-private tennis lessons that is no less instructional than a private lesson. As they say, the more the merrier! It is always better to either compare your game to or just someone to have a laugh or two with.



Introductory Tennis Lesson - $60

One Hour Semi-Private (Two Person) Lesson - $40 each 

One Hour Tennis Lesson with 3 or more - $30 each

              Packages Also Available

5 One Hour Semi Private Lessons - $175 each

10 One Hour Semi Private Lessons - $325 each

High School Preparation Clinic
Wednesday Evenings

A 1.5 Hour Tennis Clinic for kids ages 13-17 is being held every Wednesday at the Studio City Recreation Center Tennis Courts. This Class offers those who want to improve their Tennis Skills, emphasizing on those playing or about to play on their respective High School Tennis Teams.  This Clinic includes Basic Stroke Fundamental Review, as well as Strategy in regards to Match Play via Singles and Doubles.  Classes run from 5:30 - 7pm every Wednesday until December 18th, 2019. This Class is held on a Drop In Basis, so feel free to Drop In on any given Wednesday. Tennis Rackets are available upon request. For safety reasons, Tennis Shoes (not running shoes) are required. 

Price - $35 

Hitting Session

I offer Hitting Sessions to those of you at a 3.5 or higher levels.  Advanced tennis players need highly competitive, intense lessons that will simulate match play. As a current competitive player, I've played at some of the highest levels of competition, including at the Division I collegiate level. I insure you will be getting the amount of training to take your game to the next level. By signing up for a hitting lesson with, you’ll get the opportunity to hit with an experienced player who can give you advice on positioning and strategy in addition to stroke technique..  These sessions can consist of an hour to two hours long. Match play is also an option.

Prices For Hitting Sessions and

Length of Time are Negotiable


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12-24 Hours Notice - 50% of Lesson Fee
0-12 Hours Notice - 100% of Lesson Fee


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